Week 24 The Lakes Entrance (only one night, but worth sharing).

I’m pretty sure I ended the blog with Tuross Heads. We drove all day, or it felt like it anyway as I still wasn’t feeling the best, to Lakes Entrance. We were only staying one night, as we wanted to get to Melbourne. First impressions were good, their lake system is pretty impressive and very picturesque too. It was late afternoon when we arrived and we had found a caravan park that had great reviews (Wayne picked this place). As soon as we drove up I was like ‘uh-oh’ it looked crap, dirty and it was very cramped. I was a little over the drive though so didn’t really have the energy to complain. I was annoyed that this park charged us top rate ($56) I know that doesn’t sound like a lot of money and it isn’t really, but after being on the road for over 5 months, you get to know the good parks from the bad. When we stayed at Palm Cove in QLD we only paid $40 a night and we were in a magnificent part of the country. Anyway, you could say I’ve become a tight-arse when it comes to paying for a site that stinks. Who knew that that would ever happen, there’s usually one fickle person in a relationship and let’s just say that it’s usually NOT me !

Anyway, we set up, well Wayne and the girls set up, I really wasn’t feeling well and I set off to have an early night. The one thing that the caravan park owners neglected to tell us was that he (the owner) likes to sing a little, and when I say a little I mean a LOT. In the shed where the mowers and other equipment are kept, there is a drum kit, a karoke machine and a mega microphone with speakers. I thought it was a party next door as we were smack bang in the middle of suburbia. No, it was the owner. He sung everything from Cold Chisel, Bon Jovi, The Angels, the list goes on.

This was fine, Wayne and I had a bit of a laugh and the girls and I even went out on the swings for a bit later in the evening and had a listen. Once 11pm came and went, and the noise level hadn’t decreased, I was getting annoyed. Then came midnight, then came 1am. I’m not kidding, he was getting louder and louder, drunker and drunker along with his fans (an old wooden table and chairs with about a dozen guys and gals all singing loudly – you can imagine). I was now beyond angry and had come full circle and was laughing. Wayne however was not. He even called the cops !!! I’m serious. The cops were situated right next door to the caravan park and their response was ‘ you know what the Lakes District is like’ ?

No we don’t!  When Wayne gets mad, he gets mad (thankfully not very often at me) he jumped out of bed, went to the end of our caravan and yelled out (very very very loudly) “SHUT THE F…. UP”.

It was past 2am by this stage I was more nervous of Wayne than the possible “imminent attack” of an angry chisel-loving mob! Singing mans response? He played another song louder than before and the first 2 lines of that song was ‘ If you’re looking for trouble… you’ve come to the right place’! I couldn’t help but laugh, clever! I had to stop Wayne from going out there, I was saying ‘you’ve got a family, what if you get stabbed?’ I tell you what “hell hath no fury” when Wayne can’t get sleep … Wayne called the cops again, and was very firm. This time, the cops came and just sat out the front with their lights on. This was enough for the party to come to an end.

It was the worst caravan park we had stayed at, not just because of the singing although that should have been advised to us when we checked in, but it was like we were living in someone’s else’s backyard. A lot of permanent vans were there and I felt like we were definitely not wanted. We just wanted to get the hell out of Lakes Entrance.

I thought I’d share that experience, I don’t want to forget it in years to come.

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