Frankie you are 2 years old tomorrow !!

I forgot to buy you a birthday card ! It’s 7.17pm, I have cake batter all over me and I’ve just sent your dad up the shops to get batteries for one of your toys (that I haven’t wrapped yet either). This blog is to remind you that when you’re older and you reflect on the day you turned 2 and remember that I didn’t have a card for you, that I (your mummy) did one better and dedicated a special blog entry JUST FOR YOU. 

Here goes..

Frankie.. The list is endless but here are a few things that you do and say that make our day. 

I LULL YOU – translates into “I Love You” and my heart melts when you say it. 

MUMMY MUMMY MUUUUUUM – You say this all day and to all members of the family. Everyone is your Mummy when you want something. 

Your rockin dance moves, you are by far the best hip swinging, girl with swagger that we’ve met. You’re amazing and when you hear some tunes you swagger to your special space in the lounge room and start groovin on. You can say ‘dancing’ and ‘music’ and your favourite song (which I’m not happy about) is GANGMAN STYLE and the whole PITCH PERFECT soundtrack. 

You’re a whiz on the IPAD and you are currently building a house on minecraft. You swipe those little soft hands over the iPad, through pages of apps until you find the exact one you want. Clever girl.. 

You’re very beautiful and give the juiciest wettest kisses EVER. 

You love your sisters and they love you to bits.

You eat me out of house and home, yet never finish anything you start eating. 

You love colouring.. we see evidence all over the place, from the computer keyboard, the front flyscreen, the window sills and the furniture. You never disappoint, you do this daily and we’ve given up on caring because once again – you’re so cute ! 

When you don’t want to go to bed, but you want us to believe that you are in bed, we find you  either hiding under your sisters desk in their room, or under the dining table in the kitchen. 

Frank – You’re amazing, special, funny, cheeky, naughty, crazy, a whirlwind of tears, laughter and sunshine. What we did without you who knows ! We all love you so much.


Mummy, Mum, Mumma & Muuuum  

(Mum, Dad, Lulu and Sarah)