Week 31 (Maybe not sure).

The Nullabor 

Let’s just say we SMASHED the Nulla this time around. Driving from South Australia, it took us only 3 days before we hit Exmouth and we had a 900km day in there somewhere.

Nothing really to report. we had bad weather the 2nd day and 2nd night, but we pushed on. The girls were fantastic & just slept and watched movies the whole drive. No windows blew off the caravan this time either which was great news 🙂

We were all getting excited and a little sad too, at the thought of crossing the SA/WA Border. Our time on this trip was well and truly coming to and end!

Probably the most exciting thing was when we were stopped at the Border and the car and caravan were inspected. Seriously, that’s as exciting as it got!

All in all though, I didn’t find the Nullabor threatening or even that boring. Yes it’s a long drive, but the scenery changes along the way. Wayne was the same, in fact he’d probably like to do it again and again, and stop at every truck stop along the way. I’d be happy to do it too, but as a means to an end, not for the truck stops!

The Morrells



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  1. Well done Morrells , glad all ended safely & happily . These trips have been known to get ugly but since NAVMAN /GPS etc ., the wives no longer have to be a navigator & only have to find their way to the door of the car or van a few times a day – therefore you now only run late once or twice a day…..:-)You’re now ‘Real Aussies’, not just Citizenship very. holders. !!!

      • That was a bit nasty I agree. Really enjoyed reading along over the last months.
        I think it would be an interesting stat. of how many total hours Wayne got to spend in his canoe….On the other hand , it definitely played a starring role in the “message” it sent everyone who saw it in your travels…
        It screams” We are not just weekend cowboys & sunshine travelers…..we are the real deal”. Did you notice all the “Real Aust. Travellers” you passed , more often than not gave u the slight nod of recognition. Ha!

      • Ha!
        Wayne practically nodded his head right off as he was constantly nodding back to the nodders.. There are lots of real Aussie travelers on the road that’s for sure! & a lot of hardcore adventurers! Yep, the kayak was for show only… Then became annoying when we couldn’t drive under the parking lots!! seriously I know the stats, it was used about 7 times (7 locations that is) … This isn’t the first time you’ve mentioned the kayak. What’s the obsession? weirdo

      • Lol …Don’t be calling me a weirdo , you weirdo. Can’t believe you got that in first chick! …As for the kayak interest , I just was thinking of the total cost of having it on the roof when we start looking at wind drag , detours etc.. It would of really given me the shits & I wonder if it secretly was making Wayne crazy . I would of “lost” the thing in a quick sale. All these thoughts are extremely important . …I suppose Wayne had to begrudgingly keep the “serious traveller trophy” for 2 reasons : 1. Road nod is extremely important and acceptance in this club is very important.
        2. If anyone saw you , they would realise that you were just a hoax & just no chance “Little Miss Clean Toilet Seat” will ever get a nod or a finger lift off the steering wheel.
        Now go have another shower girl , maybe your hands are a bit dirty. Weirdo.

  2. We flipped the Kayak when we were in Cairns and it made a HUGE difference to our fuel economy. You mustn’t have gotten the memo ? You can stop worrying about it now. The said Kayak is safely mounted to the roof of our garage, where it will stay …There’s even talk of a surf ski now too. Look out… This shit is getting real!

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