Home James

I know I’m late in posting the last 3 weeks and I’ll try and get to that tonight! My sister keeps reminding me that I’ve not posted, but as I keep telling her ‘We’re pretty busy doing nothing’..

We have decided to go home a little early and will be leaving Busselton on Friday to drive home. Mixed feelings, but mostly excited and a little apprehensive too. Unpacking a whole house is not a lot of fun, although I do love putting up all my little ‘bits and pieces’! Wayne has the worst job of loading the truck and then unloading. 

I’ll miss so many things about being together, the five of us, all the time. In the beginning it took a while to get used to, but now of course it’s the norm for us and I think I’ll genuinely miss the closeness. I’ve said to many people along the way that I don’t think we will understand exactly what we’ve done until we get home and the excitement all dies down, then we will realise that our trip was truly magical and a memory that we shall never forget! 

I’d like to quickly say THANKYOU to everyone for following our blog, your comments and tips along the way have made it even more special for us, and Wayne of course has a rather large head due to the many compliments regarding his photography !

Just a quick one. This will all seem out of order once I go back and write the last 3 weeks. Lucky for me I have a great memory and I should recall my exact feelings when looking through the many photo’s.. I have Wayno to thank for that 🙂 

Love to all.. 

Jo xo 

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