Week 29

Three Penguins

Three Penguins

Devonport / Spirit of Tasmania and the Great Ocean Road.

Back in Devonport only for 1 day really. We arrived at my Uncle and Aunty’s place after lunch and basically just unpacked and got organised again for the boat trip the following evening. We hung around Devonport for a little while, went back to Anvers and had a nice coffee and a slice of the largest pie you’ve ever seen and then headed out to the pub that night for dinner.

The following morning was Sarah’s Birthday. There’s a 7yr old in the house (or the caravan I should say). She woke up early, and Wayne wasn’t home so she was trying to wait patiently so she could open her presents with him too. He had decided to get up at 4am and drive back to Cradle Mountain to try and take some pictures when it wasn’t raining. It rained though ! For the 2nd time. I felt bad for him as it was a lovely sunny morning in Devonport. It was after 8am and Sarah couldn’t wait any longer, she ripped through her presents, excited and happy and soon after Wayne was home.

We took Sarah to breakfast at ‘The Laneway Café’ and if you’re ever in Devonport you must eat there, it was delish. My cousin Mel came too which was nice. After that we took the kids to a town called Penguin and visited the Penguin Markets. They were ok, lots of knick knacks and old wares, managed to snare a couple of large old glass jars and a very old tin that was made for soup (That was Wayne’s purchase). Had some lunch and then headed back home to my Aunty and Uncles. My cousin Mel and her kids came over with Birthday cake and the girls played with their 2nd cousins until we had to leave to catch the Spirit back to the Mainland.

(Thanks Aunty Lil, Uncle Bob & Melissa for sharing your homes and showing us around your part of the world. We will all miss you) xo

The cruise back to Port Melbourne was great (again) no sickness and no rough seas. We also scored a larger cabin than last time too, so after a quick drink in the bar and a play in the toyroom for the girls we were once again in bed early. By 6am the following day we were off the boat and finding coffee in Melbourne and heading to Geelong.

Originally we had planned on staying in Geelong for a day or 2 but we were slowly running out of time by this point (and I fell asleep in the car also when Wayne cruised on by) so we ended up heading straight to Lorne which is one of the first stops along the Great Ocean Road. We loved it in Lorne. We booked for 2 nights but stayed for 3. We drove around a lot, found some lovely beaches, shopped and cruised about. Very relaxed seaside towns around this part of Victoria, I can see the attraction. We pretty much based ourselves in Lorne while we drove through some other towns (rather than have the caravan on) and by Day 4 we stopped at Port Campbell for 2 nights which is pretty much the end of the GOR and where the 12 apostles and the London Bridge are. We spent the first day down at the beach and the 2nd day doing the sights. Amazing scenery and Wayne was able to take some spectacular shots – although I think my iphone did just as well so I’ll include one of mine into the mix too – Great week, awesome weather and we are well and truly at the tail end of our trip.

Fact about the Great Ocean Road : Ex Servicemen built the road as a reminder & memory, for all those fallen. It’s the largest (and longest) War Memorial in Australia.


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4 responses

  1. I rode my bike along the Gt O Rd a year ago . Amazing place . How amazing it will be when u look back at the things u guys have done ……your cousin hasn’t changed much !! Stay safe .

    • Hi Shorty
      Yep, I think we’ll always look back and have a smile on our faces..
      Riding your bike would have been pretty cool ! We were going pretty slow with the van etc..
      Melissa is even more gorgeous than ever before..Was really nice to see her, it’s been a while.

  2. Nice try Jo and great effort with the Instagram image via the iPhone. However, your puny phone will never outdo the might of Wayno’s Nikon bwhaahaahaaaaaaa

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