Week 14

Noosa Heads 

My new favourite place. We’ve been here for the whole week and have loved every minute of it. Wayne has never been here before, and I had been here with my parents years ago and then once with a girlfriend where we drove up from the Goldcoast for a day. It’s a lot different and it’s more touristy (which I happen to love) and basically if Wayne tells me he has a job in the Brisbane office, I’ll readily pack my bags and make him commute from Noosa. I’m the perfect wife am I not ?

We arrived and as per usual found the deal of the day and settled on a caravan park in Tewantin which is 8km’s from Noosa and a really pretty town. We set up and quickly met the people next to us who invited us over for a week. They were from England but had moved over to QLD about 6 years ago and come to Noosa every couple of months for a holiday. They told us about the Eumundi Markets which are on every Wednesday and Saturday and as this was Tuesday night, we decided we’d go first thing in the morning.

I couldn’t believe how big these markets were and how insanely busy they were for a midweek non school holiday Wednesday ? We could hardly find a parking spot and ended up paying $5 to park on an oval.. I was in shopping heaven. They had everything you could think of and more. The kids depleted their pocket money in Hervey Bay the week before and were pretty unhappy about that let me just say. We are trying to help them be more accountable with their money and not waste it on silly stuff. Like teddy bear key-rings for instance. Each time Sarah see’s an ATM she begs me to let her use your keycard (although she’s the saver of the family) I think between the 2 of them they pulled together about $6 and managed to get a couple of lucky dips. I struggle with seeing them searching their empty wallets, but something makes me stick to my guns.. I was a hopeless saver/spender and I don’t want them to be like that. Within about 10 mins I’d made my first purchase and then another within about 30 mins.. a quick bite to eat (a delicous tandoori and mint salad) and then it was back again. I’m sucker for all things ‘homely’ so I hit the homewares stalls with gutso but also managed to sneak in a few christmas presents. We left Eumundi with that feeling ‘we could live here’ and made our way back to the van. When we arrived back we noticed that our ‘new’ camping friends Cassie and Jason had arrived too. They are also travelling around Oz for 12 months and are from Perth.. We had a drink or 2 and then the kids were getting restless. Time for dinner and bed..

The following day we had to wait around the park for a while as Wayne was taking the car to Mitsubishi to check a flashing light that kept coming on, so the kids swam with their friends, I had a chat with Cassie and we basically just hung around. Finally after lunch we hit Hastings Street and once again I was in lala land. It’s very sweet that Sarah and Lulu want to accompany me into every store I go in, but makes it hard for me to ‘browse’. They both constantly pick things up, say ‘mummy, buy this it’s magical’. There were many lovely shops, of course all over priced but so what.. I can look can’t I ? I went into one store to try on some clothes and Sarah throws over the change room door a ridiculous short red skirt telling me (and everyone else) that it doesn’t matter if it doesn’t fit mummy, I’ll just pop out and get you the next size up ! Wayne is nowhere to be seen at these times, he’s just off with Frankie and the pram.. Had a quick coffee and people watched for a while (trying to spot Pat Rafter amongst the crowds, but to no avail).. back to the van, with happy hour again with friends.It’s a hard life !

We also went to the Noosa National Park which borders the coast. Having the pram again dictated how far we could walk as the park was undergoing work so most of the tracks were closed. We managed to walk for a little bit though, and then we walked down the boardwalk to Main Beach. 33 deg on this day, so it was a stinker and we were all pretty hot after it. The Noosa Triathlon  was on the coming weekend, so there were lots of people training around Noosa and also our caravan park was filling up pretty fast. That night we did a sunset river cruise. Our friends were also doing it and we almost had the boat to ourselves. You were able to bring your own nibbles and drinks whilst they provided the ice and glasses. It was very laid back and lots of room for the kids to walk and play. Lots of people were out on their decks waving at us, fishing, having drinks. It was a little windy and a thunderstorm was threatening so it wasn’t the greatest of sunsets, but it was a lovely night.

The rest of the week was spent exploring, taking the kids to parks, walks along the Noosa Marina. Basically we’ve just had a really lovely time and it’s felt like a holiday, which may not make sense seeing how we are on a very long holiday, but it felt different somehow.

Next stop is Brisbane where we will be hitting the theme parks and Wayne will get to catch up some work colleagues, I’m pretty sure he’s looking forward to some more ‘male’ time 🙂

Here are some pictures, until next week..

J x

Noosa Main Beach


Noosa Marina

Noosa Yacht Club

Eumundi Markets

Noosa National Park

River Cruising Noosa

River Cruising Noosa

River Cruising Noosa






5 responses

  1. Hey Jo, Wayne and Kids,
    My Mum would love this place aswell!!
    Markets to her are like Sweet Shops to me 🙂
    OMG!! Frankie looks sooo much more grown up than from the last time I saw her!
    I’ve always thought Sarah looks like Wayne and Livi looks like you, but Frankie is like a mix of everyone – I think she looks a bit like Layla and Asha….
    Can’t wait until next weeks blog!! I REALLY want to go to Brisbane and go to all of the theme parks!! Jealous 😛

    Until next week,
    Chilli xo

    • We will have to work on your parents then.. You’ll love all the theme parks (just quietly, I’m happy if I never see one for a while.. have seen enough of them over the last 5 days) it’s great seeing the kids so excited though xo

  2. Hi the moving morrellabouts!! Where the bloody hell are you now?? Love reading about where you are & what u r doing ( sooooooo envious…!!) Jo can you friend request me on fb- tried to find you but not sure. Phoeb eager to Skype Sarah let’s try this Sunday (18th) if you can Take care & try & talk soon Denyse xx

  3. Hi kids, don’t worry that you are late in posting. I have been late in reading! I did notice, though, that in this post it was wonderful to see a photo of you, Jo. Tired of seeing the boofhead that I work with. Never tire of seeing the kids, though. How great are those Eumundi Markets, huh?

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