Week 3

Streaky Bay (Eyre Peninsula)

We’ve been here almost a week and tomorrow will be our last night (Sunday) before we head off to Port Lincoln to collect our replacement window for the caravan. A slight detour which means we miss out on Whyalla and a few other towns along the Peninsula but we’ve decided to just head North anyway and get out of this wet, wild and windy weather.

Streaky Bay I’ve decided would be fabulous in Summer.. and even Spring.. however Winter …..We’ve had better ideas ! Although that’s not to say it’s been all bad. Wayne and the girls have fished (still waiting on that monster fish) We’ve all been for a couple of family bike rides, we played lots of board games, watched all 3 of the “Back to the Future”movies and Frankie has basically fallen in love with all kinds of dirt, gravel and sand !

I’d love to come back there when the weather is warmer. We’ve picked a very wet n’wild week and everyone here is either leaving because it’s too cold, or pulling in and then leaving the next day or so for the same reason. I’ve tried to just ‘go with the flow’ this week, however I’ve failed miserably. There has been a few tears, some laughs and lots of cups of tea and red wine.

I almost forgot !! We saw a dolphin just playing on it’s lonesome about 3 metres from the shoreline.. it was amazing and so beautiful to see. By the time we got the camera though it had moved on a little so the picture isn’t the best. That was a highlight…

Olivia has been fishing alot and generally getting down and dirty with her Daddy. Frankie is loving having her Daddy around and she just plods and plays with dirt.. she’s sleeping so well too (finally) taking us about 5 mins to put her to bed around 7pm each night, I’d say she is just knackered after her little adventures. Sarah is more like me and likes to SWEEP and make sure that things are in order, and then she’ll go about her day and the big news about Sarah is that she can now ride her bike 100% without training wheels, she can hop on and off all by herself and we’re very proud of her.

Here are some pic’s of the beautiful streaky bay ! A very short snapshot of our week..

Beautiful Streaky Bay … view from the caravan park.

Every morning and every evening.. right outside our caravan. Frankie loves them !


Morning !


Wayne took the girls out early this morning to collect ‘cockles’ for BAIT.. (Didn’t work though, still no FISH for dinner)

Little girls Little girls, how I LOVE these little girls.. Littllleeee girls (sung in the spirit of Annie but in a good way) x

F L I P P E R …. come back !

Wayne said ‘smile Jo’ so I did.. and he didn’t !! not the best ‘happy couple’ shot..

Until next time… The traveling Morrells (I feel like I have to end all my blogs this way now) x



7 responses

  1. I was expecting to see a photo of the window renovation (i.e. garbage bag) . Love the photo of the girls on the bed. And wow – Frankie won’t be able to recognise Wayne soon if he plans on never shaving again!

      • Well could you please email me the others of the 3 of them together? I’ve already printed out the photo of Frankie eating the oreo – and that is on my desk. ooh – and tell Sarah I said congratulations and I’m very proud of her about being able to ride her bike!

      • Hi morrellabouts!
        Love your blog- u r lucky it was only a window we had a bolt come out of our brand new jayco keeping the axle together across the null labour!!!! We loved streaky bay as well- same weather we had there,you can see would be beautiful in summer. The girls look like they are having a ball…. So envious!!! Hope this finds you all well & happy! Keep the wine cold!! Luv us xx

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