One week down..

It’s Saturday night, around 10.30pm and I’m exhausted in a way that I haven’t been before. Emotionally, physically and of course Frankie-ally too.

We’ve lived in our Van for exactly 1 week and tomorrow we set off and leave the metro area. Are we ready ? Well.. I did say to Wayno ‘let’s just stay another night’ but his response was ‘Jo, we have to just leave and begin our trip’. I know this, but even so I am still nervous.

We’ve had a hard time with Frankie this past month,with her ear infection that just won’t go away. Finally she seems to be on antibiotics that are working with her and not against and the Dr gave us the all clear to go away last night. This made Wayne go into ‘packing mode’ and we are pretty much ready to leave early in the morning. Just have to pack up a few things, pile in the car, hitch the van up and take off. Sounds easy, but we shall see.

The Van

It’s great. It’s big enough, sleeps everyone and the toilet and shower are a godsend. We’re very domesticated and have been cooking dinners every night. Washing up has been nice and quick as I only have 5 of everything.. and we are getting used to the ‘coziness’ of being together, all in one space, all at the same time, all in the same space (did I mention that already?). Over this past week we’ve had loads of visitors, friends and family and I’m still in the head space of  ‘kids, take your shoes off before entering our van, no jumping on beds, in fact NO sitting on beds.. go outside and play , it’s only rain’.. although I’ve been assured that this will change and over time I’ll become less precious. I still hate the thought of sleeping in a bed that has sand and dirt in it. Sadly (and I say sadly because it can become a bit tiresome) Sarah is a little like me. When I make my bed, I like it to be even and straight and tight and all matchy matchy. I do realise that in this van with the end beds being canvas etc, they are harder to make and won’t be straight. However little Sarah doesn’t understand and every morning when she goes to make her bed, she almost ends up in tears.. More than once I’ve heard Wayne say ‘you’re like your mum’ and I don’t think he means that as a compliment somehow !

The Pajero 

Wayne has been modifying this car so much, we have everything you can think of and then some. Today our friend came over and helped Wayne attach fishing rod holders to the car. We’ve had a two-way radio connected up, a reversing camera, duel fuel tank.. you name it, I feel like we have it. For the past 3 weeks I’ve been driving around Perth with a 2  man kayak mounted to the roof racks. I feel like a fraud for the most part. We’d better catch some fish baby..

Our house 

Packing up the house turned out to be not as emotional as I thought. The packing itself was hard going, and tiring but it was always going to be. We handed over the keys on the 20th July and haven’t looked back. I thought I would be attached to that home as we built it and loved it so much, but turns out that a house is really just a house, as long as we have the kids and each other – nothing else matters.

Hair cut 

I’ve gone short. Super short and love it. Feel liberated and like a new woman. Glad I had the guts to just chop it off . Sarah hates it and told me as much. Thanks for that..

Hunter Boots 

You know you want them.. just buy them and be done with it.

Family and Friends

Thanks for this weekend, coming up and saying goodbye, and also a huge thankyou to those special people who helped out Wayne and I when we needed it the most.. We love you all.

There has been tears, tantrums, screaming… but also cuddles, kisses, laughing and moments of ‘WOW, we are really doing this’. I’ll post pictures once the rig is all set up, but for now this random blog post of mine shall end. I’m about to crawl in beside my beautiful little warm 13 month old baby girl and hopefully sleep well and dream of my own version of ‘fifty’.. (ha, that’s for you pinch – I know you’ve read the books). .

Snapshot of our week !

The Morrells



3 responses

  1. Glad Frankie is much better.
    Poor Sarah, I know how she likes things, poor darling.
    Did you forget to mention the DVD Player in the car? Hilarious you’ve been driving around with a kayak!
    I will still miss your house!
    Hmm, not sure about your new hair cut – need to see a better photo of it I think.
    No comment about ‘those’ boots.
    Glad you got to see everyone yesterday. Have fun! Be Safe. Drive Carefully. And I’m sure I don’t need to say – photos photos photos photos photos photos.

  2. Hope Frankie gets better and I can tell she’ll be walking soon….
    I’ll miss Olivia & Sara screaming the house down when I say I’m going to tickle them…
    I’ll miss Wayne and his caged eggs…
    And I will miss you Joanne for letting me sleepover,play with Frankie, always replying to my emails and texts.

    LOVE ALWAYS, Chilli 🙂

    • I keep saying it Chilli and I’ll say it again – you are one special little girl… you have a beautiful family and us Morrells will miss you all.. Have fun in Melbourne xxx

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